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Great lock box safe


This is the excellent item, that saves me from the worry at the beach. I put inside our car keys, two iPhones, two pairs of eyeglasses, and still there is some room. I try to discreetly attach it to the beach chair and cover with the towel. You should argue that someone can take a chair and cut the cord later, but it will be too big hassle : ). What I want is to have (in addition to the lock box safe) an additional longer cord, so I could keep two chairs together, but this probably will make the item even more expensive. The lock works fine. I used it weekly for two months and it works like new. I set a new password using the enclosed instruction' it was very easy to do. I am very glad that I bought this model. There are a lot of the competitors on the market, but this safe is very light, sturdy, and can be used as temporary purse when we are going from the beach for a lunch. We have it in dark blue color which I like. If you need to keep your things at the beach relatively safe while you are going for a swim, then I highly recommend this lock box safe.

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