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A perfect travel safe


I bought the blue one and took it with me on our last trip. I never trust the hotel safes because someone there has to be able to get into it in case there's a accident or something else. Maybe I'm wrong and then they charge you to open it but now I don't care. I bought the Safego in blue and took it with me and hung it in the closet between clothes. My family didn't even notice it until the last day and I felt very confident leaving the room with the good jewelry I'd decided to bring along safely inside. It's a great idea. And I get why they don't make black because they want you to remember to get it if your leave it attached to a gate if you're at the beach or something but I think for continued home use, to blend into the depths of a closet, black would be best. I love mine, I'm going to buy them for other people as gifts.

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