Great buy. Works. Fits a lot of stuff. And easy to secure to bag straps, fences or beach chairs


Recently took this to Provincetown and I was 100% satisfied with how safe and how well 2 iPhones, 2 wallets and a pair of headphones fit. Kept our phones cool too since it wasn't in direct sun and sand free. Every one of my friends was so curious about it lol And I just kept all my things in it the whole time and I'd take it out at the convince stores to get my wallet out etc. Clerks would ask what it is... The dumbest question I got was..."Why would you take that to the beach? There's nothing to hook it too." Let me tell you, there is plenty to hook it to... lawn chairs, fences or you can string it through the straps of the multiple bags you brought to the beach... The goal of the product is to deter theft and make it too much work. No one is going to run off, on a hot, sandy beach with 3 bags hooked through a lock box.... aint happening. Also, if it did. There'd be a lot more time to find a phone and cancel cards etc.... since you'd need equipment to get into the box.