I purchased this for extra hotel room security. Easy to change the code. I like the option if a key or code. Having the cable adjustable was great. I put this under the hotel bed and attached it to the leg closest to the wall. It would not have been found unless someone looked under the bed. I did not use it at the pool or beach but I know I'll find more uses for it. The size is nice and deep. I could get all my cash, cell phone, meds, jewelry...the uses are endless. I am going to see if it will fit under my car seat to use as a car safe to lock up things if needed. It should fit. Fingers crossed. I'm glad I got it. Reading the reviews of other products I realized I needed something bigger and sturdy. This was a more expensive option but I feel it was the safest (as a deterrent) with a good amount of space. It's light weight too. If you have a little extra money to spend, go with this one.