Excellent product and very easy to travel with


Absolutely worth every penny and more. Used it several times since receiving it last month. On a cruise ship near the pool or.. in port on the beach... was great knowing our belongings were safe locked away in a mini safe wrapped around the legs of beach chairs.

All vacations prior to having the Safe there was a constant need to keep your eye on things and not move too far from belongings.. looking in towards your u secured bag several times while in the pool or swimming on the beach. No more!

Finally.. it's size is perfect. Not so big that it's a pain to travel with.. and not so small that it's worthless. When travelling I fill it with odds and ends... when in use it can hold my phone.. my money... friends phone and small camera... watches.. and space for more if needed. The shape allows for placing things on top of each other so plenty of space.

As you can tell... this is likely the favorite product ever purchased on Amazon and very sturdy..very useful!