High Crime Rates for Tourists? Use the Best Theft Deterrent on the Market

When traveling or visiting the beaches of Latin American, SAFEGO is surely the best theft deterrent on the market today. Use it to secure your valuables instantly and virtually anywhere (see gallery below).



If you are going to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, or Ipanema, here's precisely why:

  • Cell phones are the one of the most stolen items in all of South America, adding up to over $500,000 per day.

  • Thieves in Rio don’t just commit violent crimes in the local favelas. Local pickpockets roam the beaches and the sand as much as tourists.

  • most theft will take place in crowded areas where a thief can just snatch your belongings and disappear into the crowd.

  • Arrastãos, in Brazil, is the name for local thieves who travel in packs creating fear and chaos. Mostly kids, they run through large beach crowds and steal anything they can get their hands on, from phones, to jewelry, to any valuables left unattended or simply unguarded. 

  • Kids, from perhaps São Conrado, Maresias beach, or São Sebastião will even try and distract you by asking for money.

Also, in Colombia, an estimated 1 million smartphones were stolen in 2013. Other locations tourists should consider carrying SAFEGO is Arpoador Beach, Capocabana, Leblon, and Mar de Plata in Argentina.