SAFEGO Benefits From Exhibiting at Surf Expo 16'

We decided exhibit our patented portable lock-box at the Surf Expo Show this past week in Orlando and received some wonderful feedback from hundreds of attendees.

This is a show we felt suitable for a product like SAFEGO because it consists of over 25,000 attendees, all searching for items within the beach and surf industry.  The show is divided into several categories, which is good for us. Just to name a few, they include surf, skate, swim, boutique, coastal gift, resort, and there are a few more. 

Our greatest feedback we received about our outdoor portable lock- box was it's multi-functional use. The buyers realized immediately that you can use SAFEGO virtually anywhere and immediately to lock and secure one's valuables. Attendees see it's wonderful uses for surfers, beach goers, hotel guests, and as a unique item for boutique stores. 

SAFEGO contains a steel cable that wraps and secures the safety device with your belongings inside. The cool features include:

  • Key and/or custom combination access

  • Fashionable shape and size

  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry

  • Offered in 4 colors (white, black, pink, blue)

  • Water-resistance

It's safe to say that SAFEGO will be attending the Surf Show Orlando coming in September!

Zack Perlman